Digital Liberal Arts (DLA) at Macalester is about thoughtful interdisciplinarity, collaboration, and reflection. We are committed to bringing together new combinations of tools for research and teaching, turning information into stories that people can comprehend, and creating a sustainable infrastructure in which DLA at Mac can flourish.

Macalester’s DLA initiatives come out of every division of the college. They take shape as works of art, language study, environmental activism, archival research, literary exploration, mapping, community engagement, and much more. They apply computational methods to literary data, create important public history installations, and produce web-based solutions to public health information dissemination. They are about deep research, innovative pedagogy, community partnerships, student engagement, and campus-based teams working collaboratively to move critical inquiry forward in meaningful ways.

Our Projects page contains descriptions and images of completed and ongoing projects. Our first annual Showcase featured several of these, along with others in early stages of their development.

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These activities are generously funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.