Staff Professional Development Grants

Deadlines: Applications accepted on a rolling basis
For: Staff

Application Form

Staff Professional Development Grants are tied to individual professional development. Staff who work in capacities to collaborate on DLA efforts on campus (whether through the library, AIA position, ITS, or in other ways) are invited to apply for grants to attend workshops or other training that will help them gain expertise to strengthen the range or depth of their skills for contributing to projects.

Scope: Any Macalester staff member whose regular work makes them a likely collaborator on DLA projects is eligible to apply. There need not be a specific project in the mix to apply for this opportunity, although if there is, that is fine. Staff Professional Development Grants can cover everything from a locally-offered, one-day workshop on a particular tool to conferences or institutes that require travel. Generally, these will be individual grants for out-of-state trainings; for local workshops, it is possible to make a case that it would be beneficial for multiple staff members to be included in the training. 

Funding Available: The grant will fund the following: registration fees; transportation costs; and lodging expenses for out-of-state or multi-day training taking place beyond the greater Twin Cities area.

Not Funded: Faculty or student applicants. 

Selection Criteria: Priority will be given to staff proposing to attend training that fills gaps in the knowledge base of the DLA Team more broadly and/or to those with the most clearly articulated rationale for why they seek this training. Potential applicability of these skills to a variety of campus collaborations is a plus. As these are opportunities with twice-yearly application cycles, in future cycles, priority will also be given to those who have not yet received a Professional Development Grant.

Grantee Obligations: Staff are not required to teach workshops for the Mac campus community based on these trainings; however, there will be future, voluntary opportunities for participating in resource-sharing discussions.

Application Components: To apply, please complete this form which will ask for information about the proposed training, a brief explanation of how this particular training will contribute to your professional development, and a detailed budget. Please also Identify the kinds of projects for which these skills may be applicable.

For More Information: If you have a particular tool or skill you would like to develop, and you need help identifying training opportunities that might be appropriate for these goals, please feel free to reach out to Aisling Quigley (aquigley@macalester.edu), Director of DLA or Brooke Schmolke (bschmolke@macalester.edu), Manager of the Digital Resource Center.

Example Training, Conference and Workshop Opportunities (not an exhaustive list!):