Adding Links on Moodle

Moodle allows you to quickly and easily link out to resources, readings, and other materials located outside of the Macalester Moodle.

Adding a New Link

  1. Turn editing on in the upper right hand corner of your course page
  2. Select ‘Add an activity or resource’ in the section where you would like to add the forum
  3. Select ‘URL’ from the list of resources in the pop up that appears
  4. Give the link a name (what students will see on the main page of your Moodle)
  5. Under ‘External URL’, enter the link you’d like to add to your Moodle page
    1. The easiest way to do this is typically to open the link in a different browser tab or window and then copy/paste that link
    2. If your link is a resource available through the DeWitt Wallace Library, copy and paste the permalink for the resource rather than the URL from your browser; this ensures off-campus access for students. For more information, read Linking to articles and other digital resources with OpenAthens
  6. Set other options as necessary, including ‘appearance’, which controls how the link opens for students (decsribed below).

Link Options: Appearance

The Appearance setting, together with the URL file type and whether the browser allows embedding, determines how the link is displayed. Options may include:

  • Automatic – The best display option for the URL is selected automatically
  • Embed – The URL is displayed within the page below the navigation bar together with the URL description and any blocks
  • Open – Only the URL is displayed in the browser window
  • In pop-up – The URL is displayed in a new browser window without menus or an address bar
  • In frame – The URL is displayed within a frame below the navigation bar and URL description
  • New window – The URL is displayed in a new browser window with menus and an address bar