Category: Lecture

It’s a good idea to consider recording lecture prior to class rather than recording class itself. If you want to record class time with students, please refer to the classroom recording policy. If you intend to record a class session (i.e. in Zoom) for viewing by other students later, you will need to notify, in advance of the class session, all students in the course.

One important consideration when recording lecture material is length. We recommend recording lecture in smaller chunks to make it both easier for you to record and easier for students to digest. Try to create segments that are 5-7 minutes in length if possible. Zoom allows you to stop and start recording multiple times in a single meeting session, creating a different video file for each, and VoiceThread allows you to record commentary/lecture one slide at a time.

You can use Zoom to record lectures: start a “meeting” by yourself and record it. You can speak directly to your students or narrate what is displayed on your screen, like a slide presentation or Zoom’s virtual whiteboard. Zoom also has built-in annotation features.

You can also use VoiceThread to record lecture. Using VoiceThread, you can upload slides you’ve created in PowerPoint, images and charts, and even videos. Once you’ve uploaded your media, you can ‘comment’ on it to record your lecture, either one slide at a time, or for the whole slide deck. We recommend recording one slide at a time if you’re able. You can record using only audio, or using a webcam to capture a thumbnail video of you in addition to your voice.