Getting Started with VoiceThread: Account Creation

Macalester’s VoiceThread is accessed through and integrated directly into Moodle, and is linked to your Moodle account. You can create your VoiceThread account, log in, and start working on content through VoiceThread links in Moodle. To log into VoiceThread, we recommend always using Moodle as your starting point to be sure that you are correctly logged in to your account.

Creating a VoiceThread account requires you to first create and then set up a VoiceThread link on your Moodle page; this is quick and easy to do!

To set up a VoiceThread Home link on your Moodle page and create an account as an Instructor:

  1. Log in to Moodle and access one of your courses
  2. Make sure editing is on in the upper right hand corner of the course page, and then select ‘add an activity or resource’ in the top section of your course.
  3. Select ‘VoiceThread’ from the list of activities.
  4. Call this VoiceThread link “VoiceThread Home”, and then scroll down and expand the ‘Grading’ section; set the grade type dropdown menu to ‘none’. Finally, scroll down and select ‘save and return to course’.
  5. Once back on your course page, click on the ‘VoiceThread Home’ link you just created; a new window will open with four options. Select ‘VT Home’ for this first link. 
  6. You’ll be taken to a new screen that reads ‘Success’, along with a ‘Return to Course’ link. Select ‘Return to Course’, and then click the link a second time to open the VoiceThread Home

Our quick start guide for VoiceThread continues in Getting Started with VoiceThread: Creating Course Content, which includes video and written directions about creating and organizing VoiceThreads.