Getting Started with VoiceThread: Creating Course Content

Creating a VoiceThread

You can create a VoiceThread by following a ‘VoiceThread’ home link to access VoiceThread, and then selecting the ‘Create’ link in the upper left hand corner of the VoiceThread page. Creating a VoiceThread is a three step process:

  1. Add media
  2. Add your comments
  3. Share with students

Here is a helpful VoiceThread about how to create a VoiceThread.

Adding VoiceThreads to Your Course

After you create a VoiceThread, you need to make sure it’s shared with your students. If you create one from the VT Home page, you’ll need to move it to your course. There are several ways to do this, but here’s the easiest way:

  1. Click the “VT Home” button on the top right of the VoiceThread window. This will display all the VoiceThreads associated with your account. (If it doesn’t, try clicking “All” in the left-hand menu where it lists courses and groups.)
  2. Find the VT you’d like to share in the list that appears.
  3. Drag that VT to the title of your course under “Courses” in the left-hand menu.
  4. This brings up the sharing menu and several options
    • You’ll need to choose if you want students to be able to view, comment on, or even edit this VoiceThread.
    • You’ll also need to choose how it’s shared. If you want to preserve the original master copy–without any student comments on it, for instance–we recommend selecting “Copy and Share this VoiceThread,” rather than just sharing it. It’ll ask you to rename the copy, but you can set the name as the same as the original.
  5. Click “Share” or “Copy and Share,” depending on what you set in step

That’s it! You’re done: students will now see this if they visit your course through a “Course View” link or from the VT Home page. 

Note: if you created the VoiceThread inside your course — if you clicked the “create” link from the Course View — your VoiceThread will already be in your course.