If you’re planning to hold a class outside, keep in mind that the outdoor setting presents unique and often unanticipated technological challenges. After reserving your outdoor space, perform a wifi and setup check. Contact your AIA to help with planning and troubleshooting. They can consult with you remotely, and/or meet you in your outdoor classroom in advance of your first class. Please also keep in mind:

  • Your in-person students must have access to a laptop, iPad, or phone that can hold a charge for the length of class (staying mindful that Zoom and other video conferencing platforms drain power very quickly). While there are some outdoor outlets, there are not enough to accommodate everyone and they may not be near your outdoor classroom.
  • If your class includes remote participants, make sure that you and all in-person students have a headset, headphones or earbuds. Even outdoors, it only takes one person playing the Zoom meeting audio from external speakers to create disruptive feedback and echoing — even with social distancing.
  • Remind students to increase their screen brightness at the beginning of class, especially if you are in a sunny location. Also note that high brightness will drain the battery faster.

  • There are no projectors or screens available for outdoor classes. If you need to whiteboard or present a slideshow, you will need to use Zoom.

  • We cannot set up PA or other speaker systems for your class. 

Contact your AIA with questions.