Moodle Assignments

The assignment activity module enables a teacher to communicate tasks, collect work and provide grades and feedback.

Adding a New Assignment

  1. Turn editing on in the upper right hand corner of your course page.
  2. Select ‘Add an activity or resource’ in the section where you would like to add the forum.
  3. Select ‘Assignment’ from the list of activities in the pop up that appears.
  4. Fill in some core details:
    1. Give the assignment a name (what students will see on the main page of your Moodle course to get to the assignment).
    2. (Optional) Give the assignment a description and choose whether or not it should be displayed under the assignment link on the main Moodle page. The description is a good place to outline your expectations for the assignment.
    3. (Optional) You can also upload assignment guidelines as a file using the ‘Additional Files’ section.
  5. Set other options, such as submission type and due date, for your needs (described below).

Assignment Options

When creating an assignment, you can set a variety of options to control how and when the assignment appears for students, when they can submit their work, what they can submit, and how the work will be graded.


This set of options controls several date based pieces of an assignment.

  • Students will be able to see the assignment as soon as it is posted, but will not be able to submit anything until the ‘Allow submissions from‘ date.
  • The due date will show for both you and students, and materials submitted after the due date will be highlighted in red. The optional
  • Cut-off date is a date after which students will no longer be able to submit work to the assignment at all (we typically do not recommend using a cut-off date.
  • Remind me to grade by will create a grading reminder that will go directly to your email.
  • When checked, the Always show description checkbox will allow students to see the assignment description as soon as the assignment is created. Unchecked, students will not be able to see the description prior to the ‘Allow submissions from’ date.

Submission Types

This section controls what students submit for each assignment. By default, assignments are set to allow file submissions. Checking the box beside Online text will allow they to enter a submission directly into a text box on Moodle.

By default, any type of file can also be submitted. If you would like to limit submissions to certain file types, you can type the acceptable file extensions into the Accepted file types box or select the blue ‘Choose’ button to the right of the box to select from a list of file types. Note that each group of document types can be expanded to select a more restrictive set of file types.

Feedback Types

This section controls how you are able to give feedback on assignments when grading. By default, Feedback comments, Annotate PDF, and Feedback Files are enabled.

  • Feedback comments enables a general comment field to share feedback with students.
  • Annotate PDF enables the PDF annotation grader, which allows for some basic markup of submitted PDFs and some other file types, such as .docx.
  • Offline grading worksheet enables a downloadable worksheet for grading.
  • Feedback files enables an option to download all file submissions in a batch for commenting (in track changes in Word, for instance), to be uploaded back for students to view.
  • Comment inline copies online submission text into the Feedback comment field so that faculty can leave comments directly in a copy of the student submission.

Submission Settings

Submission settings allow you to add a ‘Submit’ button to assignments that asks students to confirm that their submission is final.

Group Submission Settings

If you have groups set up in Moodle, you can enable group submissions. If you select ‘yes’ under the Use groups option, more options will appear to allow you to select which groupings of students you would like to use for the assignment. With this setting on, when grading one group member, all members will receive the same grade and comments.

Alternately, you can leave this setting off and manually assign grades to each group member if you would like to easily share individual comments with each group member.


This setting controls email notifications for the assignment; if you would like to receive an email alert for each assignment submission, you can toggle this setting on.