Moodle Basics – Page Structure

Organizing Information

Organizing information on a Moodle page is easy and can guide students through expectations for the entire course or each week. You may want to consider using the very first section of a Moodle page to store information pertaining to the entire course. This includes syllabi, course outlines, books and supply lists, expectations, links to VoiceThread libraries, or office hours.

The top section of your Moodle course is a good place to store information pertinent throughout the semester. It is also an opportunity to add flair.


An Announcements Forum appears at the top of every Moodle course by default. This is a great place to communicate with students. Any posts made to this forum are automatically emailed to all students enrolled in your Moodle course. There are benefits of an Announcement Forum over a group email. First, all announcements are archived for the semester. Students can refer to posts if they need a refresher rather than searching for past emails. Second, students may respond to the entire forum or to you personally.


The Label resource creates space for text and multimedia between links to other resources and activities. Labels are very versatile and can help improve the appearance of a course if used thoughtfully. To add a Label to your site click   Add an activity or resource and choose it from the list of Resources.

No Labels

A course page without Labels can lack
organization and clarity


A course with Labels separates tasks and expectations.


The Page Resourse enables a teacher to create a web page resource using the text editor. Adding a Page keeps information separate from the rest of the resources presented on a Moodle course. Pages are handy when presenting a lot of information, or directions that you know students may want to refer to later. A Page can display text, images, sound, video, web links and embedded code, such as YouTube videos.  To add a Page, click   Add an activity or resource and chose it from the Resource list.

Moving items