Moodle Quizzes


A quiz can be used as a quiz, test or exam for your course, and will appear in your Moodle Gradebook.  As an activity on Moodle, quizzes have a variety of settings (Moodle Quiz Guide) that can make them useful in different situations. They can be configured to allow multiple attempts and only report the best score. Or they can be time-limited, so that students must complete the assessment in a certain period of time.

Quiz Questions

Each quiz activity is constructed from questions in the course questions bank. A question bank is a portion of your Moodle course which contains all the questions for quiz activities on your page. Once set up for a course it can be migrated to future courses as well.

You can use the (QB)2 Question Bank Builder add-on in Google Sheets to quickly build a question bank in Moodle. Designed by UCLA’s Humanities Technology team, (QB)2 has a quick and thorough tutorial which outlines how to use their template to quickly create question banks.

There are many different kinds of quiz questions, including multiple choice, true/false, matching and short answer.

The essay question type is best for manually graded written answers. It can be set up to allow uploaded submissions, or to require students to enter their answers in a text box. You can also create pre-configured response templates, if you want student responses to be structured in a certain way. Grading essay questions doesn’t have the PDF Grader features that Moodle Assignments do, but it does allow teachers to provide written, video or audio feedback.

You can insert audio or video into quiz questions, which might be especially useful for language classes, or situations where instructors want students to respond to a multimedia text. You can link to these media files if they’re online somewhere (e.g. Youtube or Google Drive) or you can embed a file in the quiz question itself. For this latter option, you must add your media file into the question text with the Insert Moodle Media button:

Insert media into body of quiz question

The media can be previously uploaded to the Moodle course, or uploaded during Insert Moodle Media process, then added to the text.


Please note that when scheduling time limited quizzes or exams, there are two ways to control students’ ability to interact with a Moodle quiz module. The first is visibility using the show/hide option under “Common Module Settings” -> “Availability” under the edit settings portion of Quiz Administration. The second is using the Timing section of the Edit Settings menu inside Quiz Administration. Please note that the timing section’s availability will not override the hidden/show section of the module. If the module is visible but accessed by a student outside the scheduled time, it will show a message like the one below:

Quiz Timing Restrictions

You can also use the User Overrides setting to allow for different configurations for different users, which is helpful for providing testing accommodations like extended time. Here is a short video demo by AIA Brad Belbas that covers how to use these override settings.

If you’re curious about what test-takers see when they take a quiz, or want a better understanding of certain settings, here is a guide to the student experience of a Moodle quiz (gdoc).