Tag: Workshop: Flying into the Fall with Hyflex: A Close Look at Caulfield’s Model

This week Brad Belbas (AIA, Social Sciences) and Eric Handler (AIA, Sciences) will lead a workshop about techniques and tools used to design instructional environments for remote and face-to-face participants. Recently, Michael Caulfield (WSU) posted a video on YouTube, which he’s gained wide attention for his clear articulation of hyflex course design, particularly how he incorporates face-to-face, remote, and asynchronous course participants.


The purpose of this workshop is to take a close look at Caulfield’s model with the goals of demystifying hybrid course design and helping participants feel more confidence with their own hybrid course design efforts.


Please prepare for the workshop by viewing and commenting on this VoiceThread, which closely examines the hyflex model and asks you to explore how you might adapt the model for your courses this fall. We’ve also prepared short video tutorials around various tools you may utilize in creating a hyflex course.