The Impact of Systemic Racism: Implications for Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Marjorie Trueblood and Sedric McClure led a workshop on systemic racism on August 5. Marjorie opened the workshop with the question, “Are we ready?” for the start of an academic year following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the global uprising against anti-Blackness, in the midst of a pandemic that has engendered high levels of stress and anxiety. 

A recording of the presentation sections of the workshop (which also included small group breakout sessions and post-break out sharing with the large group) is available with a Macalester login, as are the slides from the session. (The recording began right after Marjorie’s introductory “are we ready?” framing.)

The following resources were shared in advance of the session:

The following resources and references are included in the final workshop slide:

  • Syllabus Review Guide,
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For additional resources and perspective, please see the anti-racist pedagogy / scholarship on race and racism page, and the page on equity and inclusivity.