Zoom FAQ

When someone else shares their screen, can I still see their video, or the videos of other participants?

Yes! The various video windows are adjustable, even when someone shares their screen (which, by default, pushes all participants into full screen mode). Full instructions for how to make these view adjustments can be found in our guide to controlling your video windows (gdoc).

How do I share my show my Zoom window when sharing my screen?

Full instructions can be found in the Showing the Zoom Window During Screen Share (gdoc).

I’m having audio quality issues (clipping, cutting out) during music lessons. What should I do?

By default, Zoom filters out background noise and focuses on the main audio frequency it is picking up (mainly, your speaking voice). However, if you are trying to have a musical Zoom lesson, your instrument needs to have priority audio as well! Here is a step-by-step guide to tell Zoom all frequencies are wanted frequencies by Adjusting Audio Filtering in Zoom (gdoc).