Zoom Meeting Polling

Zoom Polls allow the host to ask questions during Zoom meetings. Questions are limited to multiple choice with preselected responses (no write-in answers). Answers are, by default, not visible after the meeting has ended; however, results can be recorded for after the meeting if (and only if) the meeting requires registration.

The steps below walk you through enabling polling, and setting up and conducting your own polls.

Step 1: Enable Polling for Your Account

  1. Go to your Zoom account settings
  2. Go to In Meeting (Basic)
  3. Find the option labeled Polling and make sure it is enabled

Step 2: Schedule a Meeting

NOTE: This has to be a meeting that was scheduled with the account from step 1.

  1. From Meetings select Schedule a New Meeting
  2. Create a meeting as you normally would; there are not any specific settings here that need to be changed.

Step 3: Adding a Poll to a Meeting

  1. From Meetings, select a meeting that needs a poll.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Here, you should see the following section:
  1. Click the Add button
  2. From here, you must add a Title to the poll as well as all the details. 
    1. Check Anonymous? if you do not need to see the answers chosen by specific people.   (This will also make you unable to view polls after the meeting is finished.)
    2. You can enter the select Single Choice or Multiple Choice depending on your needs. You need at least two (2) possible answers and can have up to ten (10) per question. 
    3. If you need multiple questions on the poll, select + Add Question at the bottom when you are done with the prior. If you accidently create too many questions, you can press Delete on the question to remove it. 
    4. Once you are finished, press Save.
  3. Repeat the process for every set of questions you need

Step 4: Using a Poll in a Meeting

  1. Once you are in the meeting as the host, you can click the button Polls to view the questions you previously created.
  1. Here you will see your first poll automatically with a list of the questions you added. At the top, click the drop-down arrow to see a list of the polls you created. Select the poll you wish to use.
  2. Click Launch Polling

  1. The poll should now turn green and you will see the percentage of participants that responded, the preliminary results, and the time since the poll started. When you are finished, select End Polling. After the meeting has concluded, you will have a record of the poll.

  1. Now, you should see the results and two buttons, Share Results and Re-Launch Poll
    1. If you select Share Results, all participants will see the results.
    2. If you select Re-launch Poll, all responses will be reset and the poll will restart. If you select this, you will not have a record of the original poll when the meeting is finished.
  2. From here, select a different poll from the drop-down list and repeat as necessary.

Step 5: Viewing Results after the Meeting is Finished

  1. Once the meeting has ended, you can go to Reports, for report type select Poll Report.
  2. Then adjust the dates so that the meeting with the poll can be found. Press Search, select the meeting with that you want poll data from, and press generate


  1. You will then find a report of the meeting with the poll results in the Report Queue to download as a .csv file. This can be opened using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.