Zoom Meeting Security

The surest way to secure Zoom meetings is to follow best practice around scheduling and sharing: you should always require a meeting password, and you should never post Zoom meeting links on public webpages or social media.

But Zoom has also an in-meeting “Security” button that provides easy access to key security features. These are largely meant to respond to reports of “Zoom-bombing,” the practice of joining a Zoom meeting without authorization and displaying disturbing content. Details on these features are below.

Accessing the Security menu

  1. Click the shield icon labeled “Security” on the bottom toolbar to access the menu:

This presents you  with several options that can be toggled on and off:

Lock Meeting

Locking a meeting prevents any new members from joining even if they have the meeting link, ID, and password. It is a good practice to lock a meeting once all members have joined to ensure that no unauthorized members can join.

Enable Waiting Room

Enabling the waiting room allows the meeting host to approve any member before they join the meeting. 

The meeting host will see the name and picture of the person requesting to join. The host can then choose to admit them to the meeting or remove them.

The member trying to join will see this screen until they are admitted by the host

Allow participants to: Share Screen

This option toggles whether or not participants can share their computer screen with the rest of the meeting. When toggled on any participant can share their screen. When toggled off only the host can share their screen. As screen sharing is a method zoom-bombers use to share unwanted content, it is a good idea to only allow participants to screen share when necessary.

Allow participants to: Chat

This option toggles whether or not participants can use the chat to send text based messages to the entire meeting and privately to other members.

Allow Participants to: Rename Themselves

This option toggles whether or not participants can change their name that is displayed in the participants list, chat, and on screen if they turn their camera off. When toggled off their name will only display as the name associated with their account, which is set automatically by Macalester.