The Education and Power Forum Series is a partnership between the Educational Studies Department and the Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship at Macalester College.

The forums are hosted by Macalester students taking a course called Critical Issues in Urban Education. The goal of the forum series is to provide the broader community with information about how decisions are being made in local education systems.

Community forums are intentional, democratized spaces where stakeholders in the community meet to dialogue, debate, strategize, network with, and learn from each other. The Education and Power Community Forums are a collaborative project between students from Brian Lozenski‚Äôs Critical Issues in Urban Education course at Macalester College and local, active community members with deep knowledge about an educational topic and its history in the Twin Cities who mentor 5-7 students as they organize their forums. Students spend the semester narrowing down a topic, planning out their content, and formatting the structure to create a 60 minute forum dealing with power and urban education. 

Information on Forum dates and locations will be coming out soon!