Week 10: Digital Interventions

Day 20: Monday, March 18 | Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Matt Davis, “Towards Frictionless Augmented Reality,American Alliance of Museums, 2020.
  • Bring in an example of a VR, AR or Mixed Reality experience that you’ve either experienced at a cultural institution or discovered online.


  • Sue Dale Tunnicliffe and Annette Scheersoi, Natural History Dioramas: History, Construction and Educational Role, Springer Science, 2015.
  • Clive Thompson, “Stereographs Were the Original Virtual Reality,” Smithsonian Magazine, October 2017.


Day 20: Wednesday, March 20 | Screens in Museums

Discussion Co-leaders: Paige and Floyd


Day 22: Friday, March 11 | VR Lab

  • Meeting in Olin Rice 258!

Featured image: Cooper Hewitt Labs. Accessed January 10, 2024.