Week 8: Decolonizing the Museum

Day 17: Monday, March 4 | Decolonizing the Museum

Discussion Co-leaders: Rose and Kalei


In class:

Articles from Kalei & Rose:

Projects to explore:


Day 18: Wednesday, March 6 | No class!


Day 19: Friday, March 8 | SketchUp


Bring to class:

  • JPEG and PNG files of images that you want to display in a 3D rendering of the Law Warschaw Gallery on SketchUP.
  • They do have some sculpture to choose from in the SketchUp 3D library. In the past we have put 2D images of sculpture in the room and you just had to assume it was 3D.

Places to find images (for the Mia and Met you have to CTRL+click = save as once you click download. It just takes you to a page with the image).

Featured Image: MuseumNext. What does it mean to decolonize a museum? Accessed January 10, 2024.