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Here on MacDigital, you’ll find resources on how to use Zoom for teaching and the classroom (whether that’s virtual or physical).

If you need help installing Zoom, check out this set up guide from ITS.

If you have more specific questions about Zoom, or need help troubleshooting, try searching the Macalester ITS knowledge base through the Self Service Portal, or refer to Zoom’s own documentation.



Create a Transcript of a Recorded Zoom Meeting

Creating a written transcript from interviews and presentations is now possible when using the closed captioning feature in Zoom. The host may enable Live Transcript by selecting the CC icon on the bottom of the Zoom screen Select Enable Auto-Transcription Select View Full Transcript. A running account of everything being said will appear on the right hand side of the...

Hybrid Teaching Outdoors

If you’re planning to hold a class outside, keep in mind that the outdoor setting presents unique and often unanticipated technological challenges. After reserving your outdoor space, perform a wifi and setup check. Contact your AIA to help with planning and troubleshooting. They can consult with you remotely, and/or meet you in your outdoor classroom in advance of your first...