Teaching and learning in the context of a pandemic

Mental health tools for faculty and staff (from the Hamre Center for Health and Wellness)

Pedagogies of Care: Open Resources for Student-Centered and Adaptive Strategies in the New Higher-Ed Landscape (2020)

Teaching through a pandemic: Cognitive load, mental health, and learning under stress (Dr. Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave, April 2020)

A drama therapist’s perspective on teaching theatre in times of crisis (extremely thoughtful and very relevant to all disciplines; Nisha Sajnani, July 2020)

During the Pandemic, 3 in 5 Students Face Food and Housing Insecurity (Sara Weissman, June 2020)

Responding to Microaggressions in Online Learning During a Pandemic (Dr. Tasha Souza, June 2020)

See also Teaching and learning with care and hope: Ways of being with trauma, crisis, and uncertainty in the classroom and beyond