Communicating with Students

Mailing Lists

Class mailing lists

Class mailing lists are automatically created and have all members of the a Moodle course as members. The list email is generated by combining department code, course number, and section number; for example Sending to the email that is created for your course will automatically email all members.

All members of the list have permission to send to it. The department coordinator for the department code listed is also a member of the list with send permissions but doesn’t receive messages from the list. Because Google can’t expand the mailing list into its component members, sharing a google doc with your mailing list will not work.

Students are added to this mailing list with their Macalester email address, so may miss communications if they do not have regular access to their Macalester Gmail account.

Cross Listed Course Mailing Lists

Class mailing lists for cross listed courses (envi/geo 101, xls-48502765032) are cross populated, the only difference between them is which department coordinator is enabled to send email to the list.

Moodle Forums

You can also utilize Moodle Forums to share announcements with the class and to keep a record the communications you sent to the class without needing to search your inbox. Students will be able to view messages sent this way in both their Macalester Gmail inbox and when logging in to the Moodle page.