Using NameCoach and Moodle to hear student names

NameCoach is a Moodle activity that allows your students to record their names so you can pronounce their names correctly in class.

NameCoach Instructions for Moodle

  • To activate NameCoach tools, turn editing on and add an activity or resource on your Moodle page.
  • Select the NameCoach activity.
  • Inside the creation page, enter an Activity name, for example “Record and Hear Names” or “Course Names.”
  • Under Grades assign a low stakes value or set Type to None.
  • Click save and return to course on the bottom of the page. 

Click the Activity name link on your course page. This is what you and your students will see:

Recording your name

At the top of the page, you and your students can click either Record Name or Edit your info to get to the recording screen:
NameCoach's recording interface
This page provides three options for recording your name: recording in the browser, receiving a phone call, or uploading a file. When using the Web Recorder, a prompt similar to the one shown below may appear asking for microphone permissions:
Screenshot of the warning about microphone permissions
After recording, you will get a warning to be sure to click Submit and Finish:
Click Submit and Finish warning displayed