Dear Faculty,

In an email today, one of my colleagues in German (at another institution) asked if I had ideas about how to use Padlet. I had mentioned that I love Padlet, but I’m thinking of switching over to Jamboard, simply because it’s totally free. In any case, here’s my email response to my colleague. I thought it might be useful for some of you. And I’d love to hear more ideas about how you use platforms like this!



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I use padlet or jamboard for:

  • brainstorming and collecting vocab (in a language class): e.g., all the words related to Umweltschutz (environmental protection–I selected this example because the vocab is tricky and plentiful). The advantage of a platform like this is that we can go back to our brainstormed list after each reading/video and add new words that we’ve encountered, and then of course I can link to it directly in Moodle so that students have it afterwards as a reference and to help with memorization. I often start out by just throwing all the words in a jumble on the page, and then we go through and cluster terms by various categories.
  • summarizing main concepts and reviewing ideas: e.g., for each unit in my vampire course, I ask:  what are some of the metaphors or themes we’ve seen about vampires in this unit? We brainstorm and review the main ideas and record a bunch of ideas on a jamboard/padlet. Then we use it for writing: low-stakes writing about one or more of the ideas to wrap up the unit, ideas for high-stake essay topics, etc. You could also do a great thesis workshop using the results of a brainstorm like this: have students link specific works with concepts and formulate a thesis statement. The class can decide if the thesis statement is one that would work well for an essay.
  • basically, anything that I might use an associogram for in the classroom: brainstorming key words, ideas, vocab, sources, people, etc. Either students can shout out ideas and I add them to the padlet/jamboard that I’m beaming, OR students can log on and add their own ideas, either individually or in groups.
  • Jamboard: could be used to sketch things out, such as floorplans, a diagram, etc. It’s not super easy to sketch with the writing tools, but possible for rough sketches. I’m thinking about the language classroom: rough floor plan of a room or apartment while working on housing, for example, or a route you follow to walk to class.
  • Jamboard allows you to add multiple pages to a file, so you could give each small group a different page within the same jamboard to collect ideas and record/take notes on their discussion. This is great for small group work: each group adds to their assigned page, and then the entire file is accessible to you and to the rest of the class. You could beam/share each page while the group reports back. Instant shared note-taking!